Automatic Picture Player is a straightforward piece of software that allows you to comfortably view scores of photos or images as a slideshow.

Just by looking at it, there's a good chance you won't be particularly impressed, and that's no bad thing since it's not exactly outstanding in the looks department.

However, as far as picture viewers with slideshow capabilities go, this utility is a good one, mainly thanks to its large collection of transition effects. Simply click the Special Effects drop-down menu from the app's first tab, and you are instantly provided with access to over 170 nifty effects, which you'll have to discover on your own.

The app's feature set does not end with effects alone, even though, we will admit, this is basically the app's highlight. You can also choose the switching order for your pictures, and you're also provided with a fairly rudimentary, but intuitive process control option that allows you to tweak the transition interval. If you want a bit more authority, you can always switch to manual control, as well.

Furthermore, you are provided with various options regarding the picture position and display mode, although they're not exactly comprehensive. You can also choose custom backgrounds and modify the frame's width and color. Once everything is customized according to your preferences, double-click anywhere on the viewer window for a full-screen effect, sit back, and enjoy the slideshow.

Before we conclude, do be mindful of the app's installation process. It's by no means complicated, as you only need to go along with the wizard-based procedure, but be aware that it's listed as Ad-supported on our website. That said, be careful what offers you accept or decline.

All in all, Automatic Picture Player is a not at all a bad application. Evidently, the "selling point" is the impressive collection of effects, but there are some drawbacks, as well. For instance, the UI is not only outdated regarding looks, but it's also not thoroughly-developed (various elements are not displayed correctly, for example). Another issue in the could-be-better department is the fact that the picture position controls are quite limited.