Before there is Autorun CD Studio, developing a 32-bit autorun CD program that meets Windows standards requires special programming skill and vast amount of time investment.

We noticed that modern Web technology has enabled flexible rich multimedia presentation in a very-easy-to-implement manner, and is widely supported.

The main idea of Autorun CD Studio is to allow you to reuse your Web page design skill to produce the most professional autorun CD programs.

There is nothing extra to learn besides how to make a Web page, except that now you can execute Windows programs. A 32-bit Windows CD autorun program will then be generated for you automatically based on the Web page.

Enjoy 6 simple wizard steps that help you convert your Webpage design into full-featured, stand-alone win32 autorun(autoplay) CD/DVD frontend programs. plus a set of macros for disk file and shell access(execute/open file, browse CD, etc.). Detailed instant help right at your fingertips, and lots more.

Making multimedia-enabled autoplay CD frontend program is an effective way of developing your Corporate Identity or your personal style, and believe it or not, Autorun CD Studio is the right solution for that specific goal. Try it, you will love it.

Here are some key features of "Autorun CD Studio":

■ Takes full advantage of all of the layout-control, scripting and multimedia capabilities of modern Web pages to generate the most professional autorun programs you can ever imagine, with great ease.

■ Rich HTML texts, images, animations, sound, music, video, roll-over buttons, Flash movies, ActiveX, JAVA-applet, JAVA/VB scripting, etc., etc., everything you've ever dreamed about in a CD autorun program.

■ Produces compact, self-contained, stand-alone, 32-bit Windows executables that runs blazing fast directly on CD without slow pre-decompression or making any temporary files.

■ Able to apply compression to the package to greatly decrease the file size. Decompresses on the fly without making any temporary files. Small loss of speed is not even noticable.

■ ZERO learning curve. No extra learning required(if you know how to make a Web page -- with Front Page, Dream Weaver, MS Word, Home Site, Notepad, any editor you prefer).

■ Visual WYSIWYG development environment.

■ A big set of macros to perform special tasks like launch executables, browse CD, play movie, even restart Windows...

■ Able to modify icons for the executables.

■ Instant help right at your fingertips.


■ Internet Explorer 5 and higher

■ SVGA Monitor

■ 2MB free hard disk space


■ 30 days trial