AutoScroll is a simple app developed for desktops and tablets operating Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, which can automatically scroll text on the screen. It's practical for reading books, learning song lyrics, hosting presentations or karaoke nights, giving you the possibility to adjust the scrolling speed and customize some font settings.

After triggering the one-click downloading operation in Microsoft Store, the lightweight application is rapidly implemented into the Start Screen of Windows 8 and 8.1, together with the Start Menu of Windows 10. It can be pinned for quick access and fired up like a regular Metro app.

It gets launched in a large window with a dark background and white notepad, where you can type or paste text, as well as open existing plain text documents to import content. Before switching to scrolling mode, you can make content modifications by adding or removing characters.

The colors are inverted in scrolling mode, as text becomes white and the background turns to black. The tool starts to scroll text automatically by clicking the play button, and it lets you take control by moving the page up or down, without stopping the auto scroll in the meantime.

It's possible to pause playback, change the font type (Courier New, Segoe UI, Verdana, Tahoma), increase or decrease the font size and scroll speed, as well as enable acceleration to manage text direction if you have an accelerometer.

As expected from such a lightweight utility, it didn't put a strain on the computer's performance, using low CPU and RAM. It was stable in its runtime, without hanging, crashing or prompting errors.

In conclusion, AutoScroll supplies you with practical features for automatically scrolling text on the screen and controlling its behavior.