AutoView is a CD Autorun program for use on CDs/ CDRs.

AutoView is designed in order to add professionalism and convenience to the CDs you create by having them automatically launch a selected file after CD insertion.

AutoView comes with a short wizard to set the program up for your own needs. Simply copy the provided Autorun.inf and files the wizard creates to your CD with your own files and you're done.

Its that simple! AutoView does not show itself. It can be used to open any file type in the user's designated viewer and is commonly used for CDs containing html web sites, Powerpoint presentations, Adobe Acrobat libraries (PDF) and zip archives.

If the user does not have a program installed to view your file, AutoView will detect this and optionally offer the User a choice of viewers installable from the CD (which you provide).

AutoView is very easy to use and can enable you to create Autorun CDs in record time.