AV Media Player Morpher is a comprehensive and reliable application whose main purpose is to provide you with video and audio rendering abilities, as well as several editing functions which you can use on your favorite files.

After a brief installation process, with no noteworthy events, you can launch the application and begin working with it right away. It features an interesting-looking interface, similar to a folding tablet.

On one side, it allows you to browse between the various tools it has to offer, while on the other it enables you to open the files you want to work with and view them in a small window, with play controls, that let you to pause, jump to the previous or next item, play in loop or shuffle mode, and adjust the volume.

AV Media Player Morpher groups its multiple functions into 'Audio Tools', 'Video Tools' and 'Utilities', each comprising several different components, that enable you to handle your media files however you need.

As such, the 'Audio Tools' offers you an 'Audio Editor' that allows you to alter an existing file by modifying its start and end times, adding 'Single' or 'Special Effects' or changing the volume. You can also record a new file and save it to your computer with the 'Audio and Sound Recorder'.

Using the 'Audio Converter', you can turn files from one format to another, with just a few button presses, while the 'CD Grabber' lets you rip music CDs and save the tracks to your PC, so you can listen to them whenever you want. The 'Audio Morpher' lets you apply various effects to your songs to generate original sounding results.

The 'Video Tools' feature a 'Video Downloader' function that lets you grab a movie from a URL address, on condition that you have an Internet access, saving the generated file to a location of your choice. The 'Utilities' section provide you with a 'Media Uploader', so you can post songs or movies on YouTube, Make4fun or DailyMotion.

As a conclusion, AV Media Player Morpher is a complex yet very easy to work with software solution that features a wide array of functions and components meant to help you manage your media library however you may like.