Behind every audio masterpiece that sends chills down your spine are a lot of hours of effort and sweat drops. Recorded sound needs to be post processed in order be as clean as possible. This is done with the help of specialized applications, such as AV Music Morpher.

It's not exactly what you would expect from a sound editor in terms of visuals. A lot of effort was put in the design, this being the first thing that strikes you when running the application. It's not a bad thing, because it has a unique style.

You get the feeling of a spaceship hud, with playback and equalizer buttons as well as sliders fitted cleverly in the skin, which can be changed.

As lightweight as it seems, the application manages to squeeze in various tools to assure you it is the ultimate workstation for sound management. Taking a little time to get to know the application reveals that the name is quite modest. Ranging from the morpher, which offers a set of sliders to modify frequencies, to converting files under different formats and burning them on a CD, you get everything.

You are given a tool to use and create custom covers for CD cases to cleverly organize your collection. Furthermore, if the workload is too much, there is even a quick access link that opens up an entertainment web page in the application, in case you need a good laugh.

Moreover, all of your favorite tunes can be loaded in the application and organized in playlists for you to enjoy, not having to use a different utility. The biggest disappointment is that hotkey support is not implemented, which had made it an utterly complete sound management application.

To sum it up, AV Music Morpher is a complete set of tools you need to have around if you have a ear for music. There are many things that can be said about functionality and usability, but the true treasure lies with discovering it step by step. Overall, it's a professional studio made to fit on your desktop.