avast! EasyPass is a reliable password manager that is capable of safely storing your credentials and other sensitive information, while also allowing fast login and form completion.

Focusing mainly on data protection, avast! EasyPass encrypts all the data you input using strong AES encryption algorithms. The security key is automatically generated based on the user-defined master password, which you must provide in order to gain access to the stored usernames and passwords.

In addition to this, it relies on the SSL protocol in order to secure the transfers that occur between your computer and the online EasyPass servers, making sure that the information is not intercepted along the way.

The application categorizes all your data into different sections, offering fast access to each from within its well-organized interface. Aside from login information, you can use it to store bookmarks, contact details, addresses, credit card data, bank accounts, car insurance and any other significant information that you want to safeguard.

Also, there is a section for creating a contacts address book and another one dedicated to writing and keeping personal notes.

avast! EasyPass is capable of identifying common field types in web forms, having them completed in minutes based on the stored data. It saves you the time needed to perform this operation manually, thus improving productivity and enhancing workflow.

Using avast! EasyPass you won't have to remember multiple passwords anymore. One is enough to get access to all the usernames and security keys from anywhere. The smart form recognition capabilities, along with the powerful encryption options ensure its reliability.