The importance of the Internet went sky-high after 2020, from being a service and entertainment source to becoming THE way people stay together and communicate. Our entire lives moved from the offline to the online world and, with this shift, security and privacy became top focus points. Not only that computer users want their devices protected against malware, but they need to know that their privacy and their identity are secure.

Avast One is the response of the renewed security company to this new challenge that the Internet world poses. The goal of the new Avast One is to provide an all-in-one utility that not only can protect the device against various threats, but it can also help you clean your traces and your system, protect your passwords and make sure the PC is running at top performance. In other words, it is a comprehensive security suite that covers it all: antivirus and network protection, online privacy and system maintenance.

You are prompted to run a first-time smart scan as soon as you install Avast One. The three-step scan helps you make sure that your PC is protected and running at full speed.

First, Avast One scans your browsers for add-ons that allow tracking and personal information sharing. The goal is to protect your online identity and ensure that your activity and your personal data is secure. The second step is to scan the entire PC for potential threats. Avast One scans key areas on the local system, where suspicious files are usually found. Last but not least, with Avast One you can make sure the system is free of all the junk, unnecessary files, broken registry keys or invalid shortcuts,  so as to free up storage space and have the PC run smoother.  Protect your PC against malware and ransomware

It is not only on-demand scans that Avast One can perform. There are two guardians on duty at all times, namely the File Shield and the Web Shield. The first scans every file as it is accessed to make sure it is safe, handles potentially unwanted programs and the file quarantine section, while the latter performs HTTPS scanning and protects you against attacks that might come from the online.

Avast One also comes with a dedicated ransomware protection module, preventing files in certain folders from being stolen or changed.  Network protection is ensured by the built-in firewall, which handles active and inactive apps. A built-in VPN, password protection and other privacy-oriented features are also available.

Aside from active scanning and protection, Avast One comes with other security and performance modules. The PC speedup tool helps you stop unnecessary background apps to increase the response time of your PC, while the software and the driver updater makes sure you get the latest application versions with the most recent security updates.

Avast One brings various performance and protection modules under the same roof, delivering a comprehensive security toolkit that aims to meet the ever-increasing requirements of today’s user. Having them all in a single package is convenient, especially since they are all designed by a reputable player in the cyber security world.