Since being overly suspicious of the websites you are visiting ruins the fun of surfing the web, employing a software solution to automate this task and reduce the toll you are faced with could prove a great idea.

Avast Online Security for Chrome is one such program that can evaluate the safety levels of any websites you are visiting, giving you feedback in real time.

As its name makes it obvious, this is a Chrome extension that requires not outstanding skills in order to have it up and running. In fact, all you need to do once you have installed it is to click on its icon in the toolbar, which automatically gives you some insight as to the content of the web page you are currently on.

First, said URL is deemed safe or malicious, with the possibility of rating it yourself. However, for that to be possible, the “Data Sharing” functionality must be checked. Then, you are shown the total number of tracking systems found on the websites, with special categories being created for social networks, ad tracking, web analytics, and more.

You can easily enable or disable automatic blocking of trackers right within the browser extension’s popup, with many other settings being offered as well.

To be more specific, you can configure the addon so that it can scans websites for malware and protects you from phishing attempts, not to mention that you can block any kind of tracking. What’s more, a “SiteCorrect” feature is included to detect and correct mistyped URLs.

Last but not least, the Chrome addon can also enable or disable popups on search results pages, with the possibility of deciding on whether or not you want them to be colored.

On an ending note, Avast Online Security for Chrome is an easy-to-use security tool that should ensure your browsing experience is uneventful and no malicious content reaches your computer.