AVI/MPEG CD Maker is a powerful and easy to use piece of software that provides you with the possibility to burn your favorite DIY videos to a VCD/SVCD so you can share the memorable moments woth your friends and family at any given time.

Here are some key features of "AVI/MPEG CD Maker":

■ Simple operation: It is designed for the users' needs. You can run it easily.

■ A smart interface:The interface screen is as bright and translucent as crystals, which will bring you comfort and pleasure when using it.

■ The preview function offered :You can roughly preview your VCD/SVCD before the real burning.

■ Compatible with most CD Writers:With outstanding compatibility, ACM can works with most of the CD Writer on the market.

■ Supporting VCD/SVCD burning

■ Supporting AVI/MPEG file burning

■ Preview function offered

■ Supporting multi-language versions

■ Burning the whole file to VCD/SVCD after registered

■ Compatible with various CD Writers

■ An optimal duplicating speed


■ Pentium II 450 MHz

■ 64 MB RAM