Websites, logins, credentials, user names, passwords, a whole lot of details to remember and although the sensible thing is to have them stored or at least note them down, that’s easier said than done. Avira Password Manager for Firefox will provide a fully-featured password vault, packed with useful features meant at helping users store their credentials when browsing the Internet.

The tried-and-tested vault design for credential-management browser extensions doesn’t seem to fail and the developers have surely accounted for that in the design process. Like similar add-ons, Avira Password Manager for Firefox also provides a quick-access credentials pop-up menu.

For those who are accustomed to using such functionality, inputting and then copying or modifying credentials is really straightforward. However, for the non-initiated, the procedure for copying a stored password from the pop-up menu might not be that evident, and users will have to click a certain area in doing so.

When delving deep into the actual vault itself, we found that a dedicated tab array helps sort things out and makes features quickly accessible. Inputting and editing entries is a breeze and there really isn’t much difference from similar extensions.

However, leaving simplicity aside, those who wish more advanced features might crave features such as payment or bank account management, or even the extensive emergency access tools that are provided by the flagship LastPass add-on.

This extension is a good asset to have around when struggling with keeping track of your login credentials when surfing the Internet. Its collection of features and overall intuitive handling make for a good alternative to similar password-safe extensions.