Avral Tramigo is a friendly localization solution for Macromedia Flash MX professionals and translators. It allows you to translate Flash MX SWF into foreign languages in three simple steps:

■ Extraction: Using Tramigo, you extract translatable text from a Flash MX SWF file into a translation project.

■ Translation: Using Tramigo, you translate the original text into the desired language. Note that Tramigo is not a machine (automatic) translation tool and you have full control over the quality of translations.

■ Generation: Using Tramigo, you do the following: (a) create a new SWF file with translated text in it, or (b) create an external text file with translations that can be loaded at run-time.

All of this is done outside of Flash and you don't even need to have Flash installed. These steps can be done by different people, for example steps 1 and 3 can be done by a Flash developer using a professional translator to do step 2. This allows you to have a Flash localization workflow that fits in with how you work.

All in all, you can use this software to localize a wide range of Flash applications, thus enjoying a reduction of localization costs and time.

Here are some key features of "Avral Tramigo":

■ Support of internal and external translation approaches.The internal translation approach allows you to create a new (foreign language) version of the SWF file. The external translation approach allows you to create a text file from which translated text can be loaded at run-time using a call to the ActionScript function loadVariables or using the load method of a LoadVars object. Depending on the nature of your Flash project, one approach may be more attractive than the other. Tramigo supports both approaches and gives you full flexibility and power.

■ Simple user interface and easy navigation. The list control allows you to sort all text items in a translation project by different criteria (status, source text and text item ID) and uses graphical symbols to visually present text item's status. Special buttons allow you to find items that need your attention very quickly. You can also use "Find" and "Find Next" features to search the project using several criteria.

■ Full multilingual Flash support leveraging Unicode-related features in Flash MX. For example, you can create SWF files with text in diverse languages such as English, Japanese, Greek and Russian - all in one file.

■ Foreign character set support without requiring a special computer set-up. For example, you can use an English US computer configuration to translate a source SWF file into languages such as Japanese, Greek or Russian without changing the computer's locale.

■ Convenient entry and editing of translated text - no need to know Unicode escape characters or hex codes. Translations can be typed in or copied from another document including Unicode and non-Unicode file formats. The "Paste Source" feature allows you to copy source text to the translation box in one key-stroke.

■ Protection of text items that do not need to be translated. You can assign a "read-only" status to a text item and prevent it from being inadvertently translated.

■ Reuse of translations. You can use a previously translated project to pre-translate a new project instead of translating it from scratch. This reduces the translation cost and time and makes the translations more consistent. This feature is very useful when you have a new version of a SWF file that you already translated in the past.

■ Support of translation reviews. When you translate a text item, the software automatically assigns it "needs checking" status. This makes this item easily visible to a reviewer.

■ Error checking. The Validation feature helps you to avoid errors in translations and the rework they cause.

■ Support of communication between Flash developers and external translators. The software allows developers and translators to embed notes and questions as part of the project file and makes them easily visible and accessible. This simplifies the process of communication and reduces the need for re-work. The Statistics tool simplifies project analysis, costing and monitoring.


■ The projects from which you create localized files cannot contain more than 10 translated text items

■ You are not allowed to create localized files (e.g. you can only create translation projects or translate text contained in translation projects)