While tracking internet activity is still a controversial topic, it is worth mentioning that knowing as much as you can about your internet connection also comes with some advantages, such as ensuring security and preparing better marketing campaigns aimed at the right audience.

AW IP Locator is a small application that enables you to search for various IP addresses that you come in contact with and learn more details about them.

The program comes with a rather outdated UI, but that is appropriate for a utility in this category. Although the upper section looks plain, the truth is that it is a suitable choice for displaying lists that contain a lot of numbers.

In the lower section of the main window, you can type, paste, drag and drop or simply load a file with IPs that you want to know more about. Alongside this combo box, you can preview the status of your query or any potential errors that render the search impossible.

If you are a fan of numbers, then you will be happy to learn that the app enables you to preview the number of requests you performed, the duration of the query and the searches per minutes it completed in the status bar.

In case you want to view the data you searched for organized more systematically, then you should access the Statistics function. From here, you can analyze the addresses or IPs based on countries, regions, cities and Internet service providers.

This type of information can come in handy if you are working in the marketing department and you are trying to figure out the next region where you can advertise your new product or service, for instance. Alternatively, you can use the data to craft localized content for your website.

All in all, AW IP Locator is a safe and reliable tool that can help you get all the information you need to prepare a product launch, an advertisement campaign or provide more engaging content for your website.