If you are part of a collective working on a project that involves exchanging documentation, you may need a software solution enabling you to share your screen with your mates while also letting you leave your mark on them.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate for Firefox is a browser extension that could prove helpful in such a situation since it can take a photo of the pages you are visiting, which you can annotate as you see fit.

As made obvious by its very name, the addon is addressed at Firefox users who are looking for a software solution capable of taking a screenshot of their browser, offering many alternatives as far as what they can include in it.

You can thus capture the visible part of the website you are visiting, a selected area, or the entire page, with the possibility of resorting to a delay of several seconds before taking the screenshot. However, resorting to a local image can also be done.

Once you have captured your screen, the Firefox addon automatically displays the image in a new tab that packs various editing tools. You may crop the screengrab or use a pen to make annotations, with several ink colors being available as well.

Inserting rectangular or circular shapes is possible, as is the case with arrows. What’s more, you can apply text boxes, blur selected sections of your image, with a magnifying glass being there for minute modifications.

When you are done, you have two options as far as saving your project is concerned. You can either benefit from a free account the addon puts at your disposal and where you can store your screenshots, or you may simply save them to a local directory. Besides, printing options are integrated, not to mention that you can copy your screenshots to the clipboard.

All in all, Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate for Firefox is a handy browser extension that lets you take an image of your screen and share it with friends, while also coming with support for comments and all sorts of graphical insertions. It is easy to use, and as an added bonus, there is also a version of the addon available for Chrome browser and another one for Opera fans.