Awesome Tube is an application directly related to the very well known website called YouTube. The difference is, Awesome Tube comes with some additional features that, surprisingly, YouTube lacks.

With a smooth and friendly user interface that you can quickly get accustomed to, and with fairly useful additional features, this application may be something valuable for many YouTube consumers.

You can subscribe to your favorite channels directly, like and comment on the videos and, being a Microsoft Store application, it even allows you to get notified whenever a new video gets uploaded, without having you check for that every time.

In the settings tab, you can set some playback options like the default quality your videos will be played at, whether you wish to use autoplay or not, and even change the font type and size of the captions. You also can tinker with some theme-related options, such as choosing between Dark and Light theme, Classic or Pro menus, or set a custom color from a given list. It must be noted though that without upgrading from the free version, your choice of colors is limited.

Compared to listening in a browser, Awesome Tube gives you the option to keep your music outside, somewhere in the background, without counting as another tab in your already cluttered browser.

It can also run on any platform that uses the Windows 10 operating system, such as your phone or your Xbox, besides your computer.

In my opinion, there are two important features that Awesome Tube brings, which are not available on YouTube. It lets you download the videos you are watching at any quality, and it can play videos only as audio, using fewer resources.

In short, Awesome Tube provides a comfortable way of having everything you love about your favorite videos on YouTube and the channels that you follow, with some added interesting features.