If you want to work from home or simply help a friend fix their PC, a remote connection solution is your safest bet. There are numerous applications to choose from, and AweSun is one of them.

Just like other similar utilities, AweSun automatically assigns an ID to any computer and you only need to enter the one corresponding to the PC you want to connect to. Optionally, you can set the connection to require a password, thus making sure that nobody else can accidentally connect as well.

Once the connection is complete, you can preview the desktop of the remote computer and you can start performing various actions.

One of the functions provided by AweSun is chat - in other words, you can start a conversation with the remote computer which can come in handy if you need any additional information from the remote user.

You also get the possibility to disable input or use the desktop as a whiteboard, useful when you are looking to highlight various items. In other words, you can virtually draw onto the display of the remote PC using a pencil (its size and color can be customized) or text messages.

Moreover, you can start recording or taking screenshots. You cannot change the file formats for the resulting videos or snapshots, but you can modify the target folder.

Additionally, AweSun can be used to perform various actions natively supported by the remote PC, such as launching the Task Manager, the File Explorer or the Command Prompt window, restarting or shutting down the computer.

All in all, AweSun can come in handy when you are looking to quickly connect to a remote PC, either to play a game, work from home or help a friend in need.