Axialis ScreenSaver Producer is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you create various types of screensavers, such as sprite, slideshow, Flash, video, or FLI/FLC, or generate a custom one using media files.

Although it offers support for a wide range of editing tools, it reveals a well-organized set of functions.

The program lets you choose between several preset samples, so you can get an idea about how the screensavers should like. Plus, you can consult the comprehensive help manual for making the most out of every single built-in feature.

Axialis ScreenSaver Producer gives you the possibility to select the type of screensaver, and depending on the output screensaver that you want to create, it bundles several dedicated parameters for helping you tweak the screensaver’s settings.

For example, if you opt for generating a screensaver based on sprite animations, you can add a static, animated, or moving sprite, and use collision effects, while a slideshow screensaver can be tweaked by adding multiple photos and changing the slide transition effects.

There are several common functions that are used for setting up the screensaver’s parameters, as you may customize the background, define the background music, as well as export the screensaver to SCR file format or pack it into an executable file.

Other notable characteristics worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to add watermark images into the slideshow projects, provide information about each screensaver (title, author, copyright, description), alter the Flash movie size and position, change the playlist order for movie-based screensavers, as well as add or remove FLI/FLC animations in the playlist.

Last but not least, you can test the screensaver, generate activation codes, publish the screensaver on the Internet directly from the primary panel, thanks to the built-in web browser, work with multiple projects at the same time, include RSS readers in the screensavers that you want to compile, as well as customize the screensavers by embedding an icon.

All in all, Axialis ScreenSaver Producer proves to be a reliable application that comes packed with a rich-featured suite of tools for helping you tweak your screensavers in detail. You need to take some time and experiment with each built-in feature for creating professional and personalized screensavers.