Aye Shutdown is an easy to use Windows application that allows you to schedule specific computer actions at a predefined time.

Because it was designed with a single goal in mind, the program is focused solely on the actions to be performed, so a one-window interface should be everything you need to successfully schedule a new task.

Aye Shutdown can automatically turn off the computer, reboot or lock it, turn off the monitor, disconnect from Internet and even open an URL or launch an executable file.

A good thing is that the program provides multiple time settings modes, so you can execute the action either at a specific time, after a defined number of minutes, after system idle or immediately after launching the app.

What’s more, the same window holds a bunch of options to play with, including dedicated tools to restrict programs, disable Task Manager, restrict Internet connections in a defined interval, record IE history and even block system time modifications.

Last but not least, a password-protection system is also available, just to make sure it blocks unauthorized access.

With a special feature to synchronize the computer clock with online time servers is also available, Aye Shutdown remains very light on hardware resources most of the time. Still, if there’ something to be improved that it is definitely the interface which, although it’s easy to use, doesn’t rely on the professional and intuitive layout you may expect.

All in all, Aye Shutdown is indeed a straightforward application that perfectly does its job regardless of the Windows version running on your system, so with a few improvements here and there it could easily become a top product.