B-Folders is a reliable and efficient application tailored in order to help you securely store and synchronize your sensitive information on multiple computers.

In order to help you easily organize your folders, files or contacts, the application itself is disposed in an ergonomic fashion, allowing you to get an insightful overview of the folder structure.

B-Folders is constituted of a single window with three sections: one for the folder structure, one for the content of each folder, and the last one is for displaying the personal information contained in each file.

Not only the application displays the path of the current file, but it also allows you to search directly by entering the keyword you wish to find.

Also, you can choose which category you wish to search in by selecting an item from the dropdown menu next to the search function.

This way, you can easily find exactly the file you need, being it a note, a journal entry, a bookmark or a contact.

In order to create an organized personal database with B-Folders, you have the capability to add various types of information, such as notes, tasks, journal entries, bookmarks, login information, credit card details and so on.

Also, when accessing a bookmark or a file containing your login information for a specific website, the synergy of the application and your web browser will allow you to easily login directly without you having to input your data in the browser.

This feature provides you with a high level of security against online threats, such as password theft or malevolent hacker attacks.

Considering the unique security features B-Folders brings to storing your personal information, and also the capability to synchronize these files and information on multiple devices, the application proves itself to be a reliable file manager for those who need to keep their documents safe.