Baby Days and Toddler Tales is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you keep track of your child’s development from conception through early years.

The GUI looks well-structured and easy to work with. The program incorporates several modules for helping you view details about the pregnancy, birth, and first years. You may also consult a help manual in case you do not manage to set up the dedicated parameters on your own.

You can store information in a family album by giving details about the album name and name of the child. What’s more, you can save the album to a file on your computer and print aspects related to pregnancy, birth, and first years.

Several tweaks can be applied to the font and size of the text displayed in the main window or text used for printing data. You can also pick the unit of measurement (imperial or metric).

You may add details about the date when you found out you were pregnant, reactions, celebrations, and estimated due date. You can even write down info about medical data, such as weight of the mother and heart rate of the baby, and ultrasound visits (date, place, gender, details, and images).

Baby Days and Toddler Tales helps you keep a diary where you can add personal thoughts, import images, and filter the entries by date. Plus, you may keep track of showers.

The application gives you the possibility to monitor your labor (e.g. date when the contractions started, photos, people that were there), delivery (e.g. date, time, weight, hair color, blood type), and first days home. In addition, you may store images with preset frames and create a family tree.

Baby Days and Toddler Tales allows you to track the child’s progress for each month by entering details about the weight, height, favorite things, memorable moments, and sleeping/eating patterns. Furthermore, you can check out weight and height charts, as well as store data about teeth, health, important events, and exciting firsts (e.g. first bath, smile, step, and word).

All in all, Baby Days and Toddler Tales comes packed with several useful options for helping you compile information about your child’s growth into a single environment. The intuitive layout makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.