Small children and technology don't go well together and most of the times, it results in headaches and bills for the parents. BabyShield is a software application that prevents accidental typing or clicking from unattended children.

The software is easy to install and can be employed immediately. It is designed to prevent accidental deletion of files by small children. It locks your computer, and one can gain access by pressing the correct letters (which are case sensitive) displayed on the screen.

The whole idea is based on the fact that small children cannot read and thus cannot gain access to your data. All Windows keys are disabled when you open the file, yet combinations such as Ctrl+Alt+Del will still function. However, the likelihood of your child pressing the keys in the correct order is small.

The application is not complicated, as you must enter the letters displayed to regain control. However, the letters are case sensitive, and you can always increase the number of letters to make it more difficult for your child.

The software acts as a non-responsive screensaver, which you can customize to keep your child entertained. You can always add personal pictures into its designated folder. Unfortunately, there are no other settings to tweak or adjust, so its overall functionality is considerably limited.

All in all, the software is not what you would call innovative. It provides a barrier between children and your precious data, thus saving you time and patience. It has great value for money, although it could have used more functionality. Nonetheless, it is suitable for parents with toddlers. It can be bypassed using keyboard combinations, so use it at your own risk if you have older children.