Holiday enthusiasts know the feeling of having to plan everything ahead of time. The weather has to be good, tight schedules have to be well managed, and getting briefed on the destination's sights can be mind wrenching. But some software applications such as Backroads can make that job easier.

As soon as you open the application, you are prompted with the option of planning your first trip. Give it a name for easier future identification, choose departure / return date and the airports that you will be visiting, and you are all set.

The "Trips" tab helps you keep track of all future trips because, while holiday trips are fun and hard to forget, business trips which are not as pleasant can easily skip your mind. The "Calendar" tab helps you micro-manage every aspect of the trip itself in the form of an hourly schedule with several other sub-options.

If you want to set a hiking trip, just add it as a new activity, mark it as hiking, set the desired distance and expected elevation (for mountaineers), and the application estimates the required time.

For those also interested in doing some financial management, some tabs can be used for inputing the price of the tourist attraction you want to visit, thus helping you with expenses. A plethora of other trip activities can be scheduled, such as shopping, snorkeling, dining or bicycle riding.

The logistics panels help scheduling down every aspect of your planned activities, while the integrated weather forecasting system gives you the option of checking whether it will be sunny or rainy.

This application couldn't be complete without its built-in mapping tool, which allows you to calculate both the distance and travel time between two points, while also giving you the option to see nearby tourist attractions, roads, addresses and other points of interest.

Whether you want to properly take advantage of every minute of your holiday, or just want to know if you should bring your umbrella, Backroads is a useful application for any travel aficionado out there. Its comprehensive tools allow you to anticipate the most common issues that come along when traveling, while also giving you control over all aspects of your trips.