Backup Tool can make backups and can restore (put back into the PLC) the PLC firmware without the ladder builder.

With this utility you can make backups of your Keyence PLC program. You can store PLC program to .cod files on hard drive. Also you can restore backups and put any .cod file into the Keyence PLC.

Easy way to put Ladder Builder .COD file into PLC: Just select serial port, click Resotore, Select COD file and firmware from COD file will be written into the PLC. You don't need to teach your production department how to use the Ladder Builder.

PLC to PLC copying: Using this tool is really easy to copy a firmware from one PLC to another.

Way to make backups: If you have a good working PLC you can just make backup of firmware prior installing updates, patches or other modificatios.

Backup Tool is fully compatible with Keynce KV 80, KV 16, KV 40, KV 24, KV 10 and can work under Windows XP, 2k. ME, 98, 95. NT and Windows 2003 Server. This tool works with all standard serial ports, and PCI and PCMCI RS-232 extension boards.


■ The Backup Tool without activation key works for 14 days and allows 5 runs of it before it can be purchased.