Backup2Net is a clever software utility that provides you with offline and onlyne backup solutions so that you can automatically store important data on secure servers and make it available for fast recovery. Users get 100 MB free web space in our secure server for file backup. The scheduler allows you to set up automatic backup of specified data within your computer hard drive, or zip drive or even online web space. You can select the files, folders to be backed up daily, weekly or monthly.

Backing up valuable files and critical data has been a cause of head-ache and challenge for many of us involved in home use, system administration, web mastering, project management etc to mention a few. Backup2Net is a complete solution for your specific backup requirements. Now you may not worry about loosing your critical data/files because of a hardware/disk failure or damage/theft of removable storage media like tape/CD, you have Backup2Net for your help - any time, any where.

Backup2Net stores your data/files in the safest place you can ever imagine. You can either choose to save your backups in your local hard drive or our secure servers. Saving your critical data in our secure servers ensure that your files are safe for restoration at any time, even if your local system crashes or your removable media is lost or damaged, with a remarkable advantage of mobility - you can restore your files from any part of the world to any computer connected to the internet.

Using our backup Solution requires that you have the Backup2Net executable (download free ) installed in your system. Currently we are supporting only Windows versions of Operating systems. You can use our Backup2Net executable for free for local hard drive backups and scheduling. If you want to backup your files/folders to the net, you need to signup with us in a few easy and fast steps.

Here are some key features of "Backup2Net":

■ Highly flexible task scheduler

■ Backup and restore

■ Easy to use Interface

■ Cost effective

■ Fast & Reliable

■ Secure data transfer

■ Developed with the most recent software development tools and suites

■ Fast learning curve

■ Recover files even after a system crash from our secure servers

■ Free to use without any limitations to backup files in your local disk

■ Mobility for your files - restore the files you have backed up to any computer connected to the internet..

■ Light-weight executable.