Regardless of its intended use, characteristics or user preferences, digital data always carries some inherent importance to it, which makes storing it safely a priority. One can manually save files and basically create a “database” which is updated periodically. However, an alternative software solution could be backUp_0, which deploys a catalogue approach to saving and maintaining data safe and secure.

Like most backup programs, backUp_0 also employs a step-by-step wizard for selecting data and defining output characteristics. This makes things quite accessible, especially for the non-initiated or those who prefer a minimalist approach.

One prominent feature is the fact that users can add certain files and file types to be excluded from the backup. This basic filtering technique might not be advanced, but it does offer some degree of flexibility for the backup output.

The main functionality revolves around creating backup catalogues, which can be later updated incrementally, restructured or refreshed. However, a feature which is present on most similar backup apps, namely file preview is missing.

Lacking a dedicated file preview built-in might not be the least favorable trade-off, but it does mean that users need to have a look at their files externally, if such is the case.

Providing data backup through a catalog-build wizard and subsequent catalog management tools, this software package can be considered a decent choice for those on the lookout for a clear-cut backup program. However, users must bear in mind that the app features a very simplistic interface and lacks more advanced features, such as a file preview, found on numerous similar programs these days.