There are multiple reasons you may want to synchronize your folders, and the most important of them is perhaps the need to have them backed up.

BackupCat is a lightweight piece of software whose purpose is to mirror your folders with minimal user input being required in the process so that you can focus on your routine.

First of all, it should be mentioned that installing the application is an undemanding task, and the GUI you are welcomed with is equally approachable, with the entire set of features being neatly organized.

In order to initiate the backup process, all you need to do is customize the pairs you want to be affected, and once the source and destination folders are indicated, you may also add a short description for easy navigation.

Needless to say, editing or deleting your backup pairs at a later time is also possible. What's more, asking the program to copy hidden files is an option, as is the case of including the backup pair in periodic scans meant to check their validity.

Once all your directory pairs are listed in the program’s main window, you can start processing them, with the program running seamlessly, without taking a toll on your computer’s performance.

Aside from that, a series of configurations are available for you to take a look at. For instance, you can ask the program to load at Windows startup, indicate a startup delay, decide on the priority the app has when minimized, and more.

Users may also want to know that, regardless of the actions they are carrying out, the software utility can log them all so that you are in full control of the backup process.

On an ending note, BackupCat is a reliable piece of software designed to automatically synchronize your folders. The app is easy to configure and responsive, so you may find it a handy tool if you take it for a spin.