If you want your computer to deliver no matter the circumstances, you should at least provide it with the tools it needs to help itself.

BackUpTime is a piece of software that functions following precisely this rule since it allows your PC to perform a series of actions while only asking you to loosely supervise everything.

More specifically, as its very name makes it transparent, BackUpTime is a utility designed to back up content to a location of your choice. However, besides this core functionality, it is able to archive folders to 7ZIP as well as show a message box reminding you of an important task or send a broadcast text to LanTalk or WinPopUp software.

Playing a sound at a particular moment should also ensure that you do not overlook important plans. Another significant component that can be found among the program’s resources is that making cleaning folders possible without any user intervention. As for shutting down, restarting, and logging off the system, they can also be done employing this application.

Now that you are aware of most of BackUpTime’s capabilities, a few words are in order about how all these actions can be automated. You should know that everything is pretty straightforward, and you only need to navigate to the “Schedules” tab and click “New,” at which point you are prompted with a new window asking you all the details about the new task.

You can assign a name to the action, as is also the case with a short and relevant description so that you know in a glimpse what all is about later on. As for your scheduling options, you can enable a specific task periodically or simply ask the program to carry it out on one occasion only and delete it after the event occurs.

It must be said that, overall, the way the program behaved during our tests proved that it is a tool anyone can use without losing their patience since a comprehensive user manual accompanies the program in case any help is needed. The tasks are carried out without any errors, and even though it may not be visually tempting, in the end, BackUpTime does its job efficiently and does not interfere with your work since it hides in the systray.