Banners Custom Shapes will provide users with frames, long banners shapes, short, emblem designs, banner shapes.

The designs are for commercial work as well as personal as part of a logo, use in books, leaflets, web pages, videos, jewels, CDs, illustrations, scrapbooking designs, etc (see the license or contact us if you have any concerns or see the examples list of possible uses).

Also, custom shapes can be used to any size of document, so use them in 300 DPI or 600 DPI or 6000 x 6000 etc. A stunning toolkit of Photoshop designs. all by (Andrew Buckle).

The shapes can be used in 1000s of different ways, the shapes can be re-colored via the toolbox, modified by pen tools, warped and transformed, the shapes can have effects applied to them via layer effects, the shapes can be used as paths, the shapes can be used as fills, the shapes can be used as a mask / cookie cutter, export to other applications via the export command or the pasteboard such as using the designs in Fireworks or Illustrator, the shapes can be used as a source for brushes and patterns etc.

The shapes are all stored in native CSH format and can be loaded into Photoshop or elements by the file > open command, access the designs via the shapes tool and shapes palette.