Barcode is an intuitive and useful piece of software which aims to assist you in building your own product codes, offering a variety of types for you to choose from, including QR codes.

Subsequent to a fairly brief setup process, you can launch the program and begin working with it right away, as its appealing and easy to handle user interface makes prior experience more of an advantage rather than a necessity.

The main window of Barcode allows you to choose the model you want to work with by clicking on it, so you can start inputting the contents and adjusting its looks for your own needs.

The application features multiple barcode types, for instance ‘Codabar’, ‘Data Matrix’, ‘EAN-13’, ‘Interleaved 2 of 5’, ‘Pharmacode’, ‘QR Code’, 'ITF-14’ and others. After selecting the one that best suits your particular requirements, you can start adjusting its ‘Content’, ‘Appearance’, ‘Custom Texts’ or ‘Marks and Bleeds’.

In the ‘Content’ tab, you enter the numerical or textual information that you wish to integrate in the code, having the possibility to ‘Add Check Digit’ or ‘Fix Errors’. The ‘Appearance’ section of Barcode lets you modify the scale and the DPI values, as well as set the preferred ‘Bar Height’, ‘Font’, ‘Front’ and ‘Back Color’.

Moreover, from the ‘Custom Texts’ panel, you can add various words you wish to display along with the barcode, configuring their horizontal and vertical offset. The ‘Marks and Bleeds’ tab enables you to alter the border width, the margins and the crop marks to a specific set of values. When done, you can save the barcode to PNG, TIFF or EPS format.

In short, Barcode is a reliable and effective utility that you can resort to whenever you want to build custom product codes, as it features a wide array of tools and functions to help you obtain the desired result.