Zorn Software introduces BarComp, a set of Barcode Components for Delphi and QuickReport. With these components, including Barcodes in your reports is easier than it was ever before.

BarComp consists of 4 components:

- TZBarcode, a general purpose Barcode component;

- TDBZBarcode, a data-aware Barcode component;

- TBarCode, a general QuickReport Barcode component;

- TDBBarCode, a data-aware QuickReport Barcode component.

Barcomp is a set of four Barcode Components for Delphi. Two of them

are to be used with QuickReport, the other two are for general use. The components can be used with Delphi 5, 3, 6, 2 and 4and all

versions of QuickReport from 2.0.

Because the QuickReport barcode components were designed to be integrated with QuickReport applications, you now have the possibility to include barcodes in any kind of reports you want to create: labels, lists, mailings etc.

Just drag & drop a barcode component into your report, connect it to a table's field, and that's it! No programming needed! Barcomp does all the formatting, calculation of check digits etc. for you.

And with code 128, it even optimizes the generated barcode for its size by automatically selecting the code table.

Here are some key features of "BarComp":

■ Code 128

■ Code 39 with and without check digit

■ EAN-8

■ EAN-13

■ ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) with and without check digit


■ US Postnet