Bash HTML Editor - unlike most HTML editors, which are bloated and expensive yet offer little in actual features, Bash HTML Editor is designed to be completely utilitarian.

Everything you need to get the most out of your webpage is readily at hand. And unlike some programs, which give you little control over your HTML code and make it unnecessarily complex and cryptic, Bash HTML Editor is designed to give you complete control, so you can easily make changes later.


■ Color-coded HTML

■ Built-in FTP client

■ Get more out of your site with CSS styles and javascripts

■ Easily work with tables, forms, images, frames, and more

■ Quickly make site-wide changes with the Multi-File Processor

■ Integrated preview with full SSI support, even while offline

■ Document map gives you a tree view of your page, making it easy to find the area you want to edit

■ Novice webmasters can create sites with very little knowledge of HTML, and learn the ins-and-outs in the process

■ Plus a lot more


■ 30 days trial.