Bass Booster VST, as its name suggests, is an audio plugin developed to offer you the possibility to enhance the bass in your tracks.

It displays a comprehensive interface which makes it very easy to use. The main window is separated into sections such as ‘Levels’, ‘Master’, ‘Harmonic Operators’ and ‘LFO Modulator’. Each of them comes with a particular set of parameters which you can adjust until you obtain the desired effect.

Bass Booster VST is built around complex mathematical algorithms that are used to shape the sound as it passes through your software and hardware. It’s created to offer you both powerful bass amplification as well as subtle enhancements in harmonics.

Having a decent amount of parameters to play with, the plugin can be applied both to the master effects channel of your music production software, as well as to individual instruments, such as drums and guitar.

As far as levels are concerned, the plugin enables you to choose from multiple waveforms on which the limiter is applied and provides adjustments for attack, release and threshold. You also get to fine-tune the master controls for harmonics, phasing, feedback and cutoff.

Bass Booster VST enables you to apply a decent number of modulation levels to the tracks, which in turn provide you with better wave shaping capabilities and an improvement in quality.

Since you rarely get a sound booster without LFO control, it’s expected that this plugin has it. The low frequency oscillator that Bass Booster VST offers allows you to adjust rate, depth and apply it to sine, saw, ramp and pulse waveforms.

In closing, Bass Booster VST is by all means a practical and powerful audio plugin that can certainly enhance your tracks.