Bass Test Software is an intuitive application which is capable of generating a constant bass sound. The purpose of the application is to test the functionality of loudspeakers, headphones or any audio output device. Moreover, you can use this low-frequency sound generator to test the audio rendering capabilities of the devices.

The bass generally defines a low-frequency sound that accompanies sharp sounding instruments, such as a guitar, in songs. Rendering bass sounds can be challenging if your loudspeakers are not well calibrated or if the player is not properly set. For example, if the volume for a song is turned too high, bass can be rendered as a weird noise.

Bass Test Software is dedicated to helping you test the capabilities of the loudspeakers you use, in rendering bass sounds. The software can generate a continuous stream of bass notes and allows you to adjust the volume. You may choose between the seven tracks offered by the software, each with a different beat and frequency.

Bass Test Software features seven bass tracks that you can select. Clicking the Start Test button commences the payback loop, which does not stop unless you end it. When the test is activated, the button turns into Stop, so you can always have the desired commands at close hand.

You can easily adjust the sound, using the slider button, at any time, even if the test is undergoing. The complexity of the bass tracks grows gradually with each test you select.

Bass Test Software offers you a simple method of checking whether the loudspeakers/headphones can correctly render the bass sound. Improper settings can cause bass to sound weird in songs, in which case only two options are available: set the player device or change the loudspeakers. Bass Test Software allows you to test the sound rendering devices in advance.