The bass is a chord instrument that goes hand in hand with the acoustic guitar, although the latter has more success amongst people. For those passionate about the bass, there are software solutions such as BassNotesFinder.

The program allows you to study the music sheet associated to the available notes on a bass’s chords, in order to learn notation positioning and chord placement.

The application provides you with an interactive way of studying the bass, by displaying the positions of notations on a music sheet, whenever you hover above it. Additionally, the positioning of a note is also highlighted on the bass chord. As it works vice versa too, you are able to find out chord and sheet positioning by placing your mouse on any of them.

Furthermore, the application plays the sounds corresponding to each note, offering you the chance to hear how a notation sounds when played on a real bass.

BassNotesFinder can be used for both bass study, as well as knowledge testing. The program provides you with mnemonic and visual tests meant to exercise your knowledge on music notes.

By highlighting a certain note on the bass chord and letting you choose the correct name of it, you can practice your knowledge with ease. At the end of each test, the program provides you with relevant statistics regarding your answers. This can help you find out which notations you know and which could use more studying.

All in all, BassNotesFinder offers you an interactive way of studying musical notes and their positioning on a bass chord. Although designed for mobile phones with touchscreens, the application could be refined for computer use, by mapping notes to keystrokes or adding the possibility to save music sheets.