Batch File Renaming Kit is a reliable program designed to help you quickly rename a large bulk of files in a short time.The software allows you to set a series of renaming rules, such as add prefix/suffix, incremental numbers or changing files’ attributes. The application allows you to preview the files before saving them.

When renaming a large batch of files, the name structure is similar for all the items. Batch File Renaming Kit allows you to create extensive rules for establishing files’ new names. Thus, you may replace the initial file name completely, with a custom word or word group, as well as maintain the name but append it.

You may also add incremental numbers, as prefixes or suffixes, set the initial number and the method of counting: plus one or minus one. The rules can be set at any time before or after loading the input files.

Batch File Renaming Kit allows you to replace the initial name completely, but it also supports maintaining the original file name, with modifications. For example, you may insert, append or replace pieces of the original names with specific words/groups of words. Moreover, you can change the extension of particular files and apply Read only and Hidden attributes to the selected files.

There are no specifications regarding the supported file formats, since the application does not attempt to open them. You may set the software to replace the original files with the newly renamed ones or save the renamed items in a different location.

Batch File Renaming Kit requires that you set the rules for file name replacing, preview the results and then proceed to performing the task. The software cannot rename the files without the previewing step being performed in advance. Two dedicated areas indicate the initial files and the preview of the results.