PDF files are among the most popular text format documents used nowadays, thanks to their portability, multi-platform support, as well as the superior text and image quality.

One of their few disadvantages is the relatively large file size and cumbersome editing, especially if you are planning on adding content.

Batch PDF Merger is a software utility that removes all the effort from the merging process and enables you to easily combine as many PDFs as you require for your purposes. To load files into the application, you can either use the dedicated button inside the interface, or drag-and-drop them directly into the list.

The improved access speed becomes extremely valuable if you have to handle many documents on a regular basis and you do not want to browse and manually select every file each time you have to perform merge operations on them. It also saves you precious time that can be used working on something else and improve your productivity.

Before you commit to the merge process, you might want to make sure that your files contain the right information. Instead of opening every document separately to check their content, Batch PDF Merger enables you to preview them directly from inside the application, complete with text and image attachments.

The split view also allows you to control and adjust the thumbnail size to improve visibility, as well as remove the pages that you do not want included in the final result. After you are done combining a round of documents, you can instantly clear the list and add new ones to be processed.

For those of you who are required to handle PDF merging operations on a daily basis, Batch PDF Merger is a must-have utility that can greatly speed up your work routine. Even if you are only interested in joining a few documents together ever now and then, the application's intuitive interface and easy-to-use functions make it a great choice in any situation.