You probably use your mobile phone to take pictures more often that you do to call someone or send a message. You’re not the only one, and a consequence is that a lot of pictures end up on your PC. Some might get integrated in different projects, and there’s a change the target program or service requires a specific format, and you can convert to it using specialized applications like BatchConverter.

Regardless of your experience, the application wants to quickly get you up and running through an intuitive interface. Two separate sections are used for navigation and manipulation of pictures, but both have their own tabs for even more options.

The initial phase is to look for the pictures you want to convert, with a tree navigation panel letting you browse through folders, another to show content, and a drop-down menu to filter according to format. Supported files let you work with JPG, TIF, PSD, PSP, PNG, GIF, BMP, RLE, DIB, CEL, PIC, PCX, PCC, SCR, FAX, PPM, CUT, PAL, RLA, RPF, BW, RGB, SGI, TGA, VST, ICB, and WIN. However, output is limited to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, and GIF.

Selection needs to be done by holding down the Shift key, unless you’re using the scan feature to locate source files. Output settings are not only related to folder and names, with a few options related to effects and quality as well.

You get to select the output format from a drop-down menu, with a dedicated tab for quality. In addition, there’s the possibility to resample the picture using custom values and methods, sharpen, or add borders of specific color and thickness. In case you want to add info fields, BatchConverter lets you apply overlay text on two different layers, each with its own font customization options.

All things considered, we can safely state that BatchConverter is a practical picture converter fitted with various customization options for pictures, output quality, and the format itself. Everything you need to work with is cleverly stored and organized in the main window, so you don’t depend on other prompts.