bcPodNanny (formerly known as LaPodiTunes) is a practical and user-friendly software solution that was developed to assist you in copying the media files from your iPod, iPad or iPhone to a new iTunes library, without updating the data in the current one.

The program presents a very clear-cut and intuitive appearance, functioning as a wizard and guiding you through all the steps required for getting the job done without too much effort.

The start screen of bcPodNanny informs you if the connected device has been detected, otherwise letting you know how to proceed if it has not; subsequently, you can go ahead and define the library output preferences.

The first step in working with this application is represented by the selection of the source device. This is done from a dedicated drop-down menu, enabling you to pick the iPod or iPhone you wish to work with, should several be connected to the computer simultaneously.

Aside from its name, it also displays the playlist count and other details about it. After making your choice, you can move on to defining the output location of the new library, an integrated tree view file explorer letting you indicate the precise folder.

When complete, you can press the ‘Start’ button and bcPodNanny will begin copying the files, keeping you informed about the task’s completion level through a progress bar.

After the operation is done, the utility offers to provide you with information on how to import the newly created playlist into iTunes, a series of very simple indications guiding you every step of the way.

All in all, bcPodNanny is a useful and effective program that you can resort to if you need to export the contents of your Apple device to a new iTunes library, but do not want to modify the existing playlists from the application.