BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is a professional software application specialized in creating backup copies of your DVDs. In addition, you may burn DVDs, create ISO files and extract DVD titles or chapters.

The GUI looks intuitive and easy to work with. The key features of the program are clearly displayed at the top of the main window, namely full DVD backup, DVD title backup, and tools. You can have a look at the help manual in case you need to find out more details about the tool’s capabilities.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate offers you the freedom to clone a DVD to another one, generate an ISO file, or copy DVD data to a 'VIDEO_TS' folder.

The DVD backup process requires minimal tweaking from your side. You need to select the source DVD and the target location. Additionally, you are allowed to remove the DVD region code, CSS encryption and UOPs, look for Disney’s fake data, as well as automatically jump sectors when meeting bad ones.

The program gives you the possibility to copy data to single MPEG2 file, copy DVD chapter, and extract only the video or audio streams. At the end of the task, you can make the application open the target folder or shut down the computer.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate helps you mount ISO images on your system as virtual drivers and pick the preferred letter, as well as burn DVDs from ISO image files, VOB or MPEG files.

All in all, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate provides several efficient tools and an intuitive working environment for helping you copy and burn DVD content, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.