Although screensavers have lost some of their glamors since their appeared, users continue to adorn their desktops with out-of-this-world animations. Beautiful Space 3D is a live wallpaper that aims to take you to the far corners of space.

The application is accessible to all user levels, as it requires minimal computer knowledge to install and operate successfully. After you have finished installing it, you can find it in the system tray of your computer, ready to unleash nebulas, constellations, and starry landscapes.

You can also modify its settings from screensaver dedicated window of your operating system. You can set a waiting time and get a preview of the imagery at your disposal.

Most applications of this type have minimalistic settings that limit your overall experience. However, Beautiful Space 3D provides a series of options and fields that will keep you wanting more. The software enables you to alter the speed of each animation or simply randomize it.

Furthermore, the direction in which you are traveling can be modified, or you can leave it up to the software to decide. Beside this, you can alter the scene change frequency, and which landscapes you like more, will end up lighting up your desktop.

Another great feature is the fact you can modify the rendering quality. This means you can enjoy the beauty of this screensaver even if you are running it on a slower computer or you lack a proper graphics card.

All in all, Beautiful Space 3D is a desktop screensaver that offers great value for money. You have multiple scenes at your disposal, and you can enjoy it regardless of the age of your computer. The several options will keep things interesting for a longer period, making this a great addition to your software collection.