A powerful camera and good pair of lens don't make you a photographer. Just like any other activity, a lot of practice is required and even so, there's a high chance not to capture exactly what you want inside a static frame. This is where applications like Beautune come in handy so you can adjust or enhance pictures, in this case portraits.

The workspace put at your disposal sports a fresh, modern look about it, making accommodation a lot easier. Visuals are not the only aspect that help you out in getting familiar, with almost every tool being equipped with a tooltip that displays a short animated tutorial and corresponding details. A few presets let you practice before editing your own photos.

Sadly, drag and drop is not supported, but it's somehow good, because it's the only way to appreciate the amount of file formats the application can load. Amongst others, your pictures can be JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, CRW, NEF, SRF, PEF, ORF, RAW, RAF, DNG, MEF, and a few more types.

Further adding to practicality is the neat implementation of different editing tools. With the application targeting portrait editing, categories let you handle face, eyes, and mouth areas, with different adjustments to make for foundation, wrinkle removing, reshaping, eye positioning and resizing, applying eyeliner and shadow, as well as a whole bunch of general tweaks.

Editing is incredibly easy and intuitive, even if you ignore the small tutorials. All tools are based on a similar method, with a few sliders letting you handle brush size and intensity, with real time previews. Each time you access a new brush type, you're asked to apply previous changes so you can undo step by step in case of any major mistakes. There's also a button to bring up the original for comparison.

When heavy editing is done, accessing the advanced tab lets you apply a few more finishing touches. Different preset effects can be added, as well as a few frames for a unique feel. Saving is done under fewer formats than those up for import, but still abundant, and extra options to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

All things considered, we can safely state that Beautune is a neat and powerful image editing application which is sure to come in handy if capturing portraits is your specialty. Although tools work with any kind of picture and content, dedicated implementation make it helpful for dealing with face-related inconveniences. It's sure to deliver impressive results at the cost of little time and system resources.