When performing statistical analysis on a large set of samples, you need a reliable piece of software that can handle a lot of calculations and provide you with detailed graphs and sampling results based on the initial data.

This is where Bersoft Sampling Analyzer steps in. It can help you simulate and analyze samplings from experimental data, using both infinite and finite data samples. It is especially tailored for statistical analysis of population data, allowing you to determine the number of representative samples and successful acceptance sampling.

The application provides you with a sturdy environment, ideal for testing, analyzing and sampling experimental data. Using powerful calculations and formulas, the program can analyze the experimental data collected and the data sampling or subset of the population thus generated.

You are provided with tools for analyzing and processing basic statistics, frequency, and graphics, that are all available for both the population data and simulated samples data.

Bersoft Sampling Analyzer can help you filter the experimental data at hand, in order to identify and generate population subsets, using some of the best range of data sampling. This way, you can perform calculations on particular samples from the experimental data, and compare those to the overall results.

Aside from this, the program offers an user-friendly interface and the possibility to install itself on an USB stick and run as a portable application. In this manner, you can perform statistical analysis on any machine providing that you have a valid source of experimental data from which you can extract samples.

To sum it up, Bersoft Sampling Analyzer is ideal for analyzing and sampling experimental data, although the calculations and processing performed can seem pretty confusing for users that do not have basic knowledge on how statistical analysis is performed or what do the parameters involved in the calculations represent.