Best Converter is a powerful unit and currency converter that offers a long list of categories and more than 1000 supported units.

It's all focused on the conversion process per se, so you aren't assaulted with any unnecessary configuration options or useless tools.

In fact, there's not even a configuration screen, so users are only required to pick a category, choose a unit and perform the actual conversion job.

Among the supported categories, it's worth mentioning area, distance, temperature, time, acceleration, density, energy, force, kinematic viscosity, luminous flux, light and inductance.

A very good thing is that Best Converter lets you add, edit and delete categories and units, with only a few values required for each action.

Of course, Best Converter is far from becoming a resource hog and an average Windows workstation is enough in order to properly use the application. The application works like a charm on all Windows versions and the conversion is performed instantly.

To sum up, Best Converter is indeed a helpful application that perfectly mixes a user-friendly GUI and plenty of supported units.

What's more, it offers custom unit conversions, but in this case users are required to manually define their very own units and categories. No help manual is included in the package, but chances are that you don't even need one thanks to this user-friendly approach.