Even if you don’t necessarily use some files on your computer, these can become corrupt due to malicious infiltrations, or the disk drive itself can suffer from the same thing, thus affecting more files at a time. To prevent this from happening, specialized applications like Best Disk Recovery give you a chance to back up files of interest with little effort.

Every function you get to work with is found in the main window, with no other elements to distract you from the process. Although there are little to no descriptions as to what exactly functions do, these are pretty self-explanatory, and even inexperienced individuals can quickly get the hang of things.

The application isn’t quite designed to recover files that got removed by accident, as the name might trick you into believing, but rather have them copied from one location to the other, and attempt to repair damaged ones. However, there’s little control over the operation itself, but there is a real time updating log you can check out and see how things are running.

Best Disk Recovery gives you the possibility to work with either a set of specific files, or an entire disk drive. Sadly, you can’t drag files of interest over the main window, and the dedicated browse dialog only lets you select one file at a time. On the other hand, you can load internal or external volumes through a dedicated option.

You might want to take a look over the set of parameters first, because the application automatically starts the process once the source is loaded. A first step is to set the destination folder, while other options let you repeat the process continuously, control file, quick save, linear working, or start when changes in the type of device are detected.

Bottom line is that it’s always good to have a second copy of important files and projects, and it’s even better if this is done every time content or related details are updated. Best Disk Recovery wants to help you in this regard, letting you work in a comfortable environment, with most of the process being automated.