It is always difficult to find new songs that are just as good as your favorite music, and not all of us are patient enough to wait for new album releases.

Best Music is a nifty application that provides an interesting solution, as it enables you to mix fragments taken from existing songs in order to create new, exciting tracks. The program can certainly be very useful, but it features an unimpressive interface and is not particularly intuitive.

The most useful feature offered by Best Music is its ability to put together an audio mix with minimal user input. All you need to do is import the source tracks, select the ones you wish to use and click the AutoMix button.

Naturally, there are certain settings that can be customized, should you wish to have more control over the process. You can define the overlap duration, the song’s minimum length and the size of each fragment.

It is also possible to customize the created MP3 file’s tag, but you cannot paste text in the required fields.

Best Music allows you to import MP3, WAV and OGG files, but the program does not offer support for drag and drop.

As far as looks are concerned, this application leaves a lot to be desired, as the user interface is rather plain and outdated.

Most importantly, however, Best Music is not particularly novice-friendly. While it offers a fair number of useful features, you need to consult the online documentation to figure out how certain operations can be performed. However, the instructions are rather difficult to understand, as the quality of the English translation is not great.

All in all, Best Music is a handy utility that enables you to create audio mixes by joining fragments extracted from your favorite songs. However, it is difficult to use, does not offer adequate documentation and features an outdated interface.