BestKeylogger is a program that allows you to record the activity of the users who log in on your computer. The application can monitor all the keystrokes, as well as the applications you open and if you create new files. Moreover, it can record all the key pressing, regardless if you have save the typed text or not.

BestKeylogger is a reliable security tool since it can record each activity the computer users perform and sends the logs to you via email. Not only does it record keystrokes, but it can also detect the programs in which you type, for example Web browsers, chat clients or other applications.

The logs are saved as text files, containing the exact text typed by the user, along with the date, time and the application used. Moreover, in case you type inside documents, it can also retain the name of the file.

BestKeylogger can send the logs to you via email, at the specified time interval: every ten minutes, every hour or every day. Alternatively, you can set it to never send the logs by email, if you wish to manually open them. A designated button in the program’s interface opens the log file for you to view.

You can setup the email server and specify the email address to which you wish to receive the activity logs, as well as set a password. The log are sent to you in a compressed file, protected by the aforementioned keyphrase. You may view the logs in text, CSV or HTML files.

BestKeylogger can run as hidden, leaving no trace in the system tray, in the Task Manager or in Program Files. The only way to access the program’s interface is to press the specified hotkey combination. The software does not record the action of the Enter key (moving on a new row) and instantly deletes any character if you press Backspace.