Even though it is not like Twitch TV lacked in features, additional improvements are always welcome, especially if you are a veteran who has gotten accustomed to the platform and knows precisely what could improve their user experience.

BetterTTV for Firefox is a browser extension that proposes a series of such modifications to the way the chat works as well as a dark mode that should reduce the eyestrain at nighttime.

First off, regarding the setup process you need to complete before exploring the goodies the addon puts at your disposal, you should know that it only takes a couple of seconds, at which point you can start enjoying the enhancements it brings along.

Just by taking a look at the Firefox addon’s settings panel, you should see that it allows you to join channels without making an appearance in the chat, preview chat images on mouse hover, and enables a theatre mode.

Aside from that, BetterTTV for Firefox comes up with additional emotes and GIFs, not to mention a dark mode that you would definitely enjoy at late hours.

Furthermore, at a mouse click, you can hide new viewer greetings, offline followed channels, prime promotions, recommended channels and friends, Twitch extensions, whispers, and more. Enabling a split-chat mode is possible so that you can effortlessly differentiate between messages sent by different users.

There are many other features you can take for a spin simply by toggling them on or off, and regardless of your option, you should know that backing up your settings is possible just to make sure you don’t have to reconfigure the Firefox extension in case of data loss or any other similar incident.

All in all, BetterTTV for Firefox is a handy customization tool aimed at Twitch TV users who want to take the reins of the way chats look and feel. Enabling extra features is a breeze, and gamers would definitely appreciate the wide array of enhancements the addon puts at their disposal.

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