Beyond Remote will allow you to view remote computers live and also transfer files and chat with the remote person.

Beyond Remote is free for home/personal, churches and schools.

Businesses and governmental institutions must purchase the appropriate license after evaluating the software for 30 days or uninstall it.

Here are some key features of "Beyond Remote":

■ Live viewing of the remote computer

■ Copy the clipboard to and from the remote computer

■ Transfer files and directories to and from the remote computer

■ Chat with the person at the remote computer

■ Client interface that allows organizing of remote connections in folders

■ All data is encrypted and compresses for maximum saftey and speed

■ Wake-On-Lan (Remote computer must support this feature and be enabled in the BIOS)

■ Full support for Microsoft Terminal Services

■ Full support for Windows XP Remote Desktop


■ 30 days evaluation period