Maintaining a large volume of information and numerous files requires good organizing skills, constant updating and special attention to the folder structure. One way or another, at some point, users might necessitate an efficient solution for keeping their folders and files up to date automatically. Beyond Sync is a useful utility that was created to help people maintain their content and folders up to date when making changes to their files.

The application features a basic interface that accommodates the necessary tools for defining custom folder synchronization or file backup tasks. One will be able to create new tasks with ease by using the large, legible buttons, but unfortunately, once the tasks have been created they cannot be accessed directly and people will need to use the preview feature.

Although the application’s layout is clean and uncluttered, the different task tabs cannot be moved along the tab area margin, therefore preventing users from organizing their work. Furthermore, the tabs lack “Close” buttons and people need to right click and end the preview feature in order to close the tasks. These unusual handling issues might annoy users who need an easy and efficient action.

Users will be able to choose the folders that need to be synchronized and they will be able to manually backup the files that have been modified. Furthermore, the application offers a dedicated mode that provides automatic, real time updating of the files, which ignores the content that hasn’t been modified, therefore offering a quicker synchronization.

However, in our tests, when performing manual backups, the application did exhibit a few crashes, right after updating the file list in the selected folders. Despite causing those issues, in its defense, we can remind users that the real time update feature worked flawlessly, recording all the changes we performed to our files and quickly updating the corresponding files.

Those who work with numerous files and want to avoid the hassle of manually updating their backup folders when making modifications to the original files, might appreciate this utility. By using its thoughtful features one will be able to set which folders and files to be updated / backed up and the application will even provide a real time monitoring mode that would remove the need for user interaction for updating.