The main purpose for creating the big wild cats is to help keep the food chain in check. Besides being graceful and powerful, they are also dangerous. Only those brave enough can enjoy a stunning view of those creatures in their natural habitat.

However, if you love those beautiful creatures, but you don't want to risk your life, you can opt for their virtual representation, in a high-quality slideshow offered by Big Cats Screensaver. It also features with several animal sounds and a broad range of effects.

Compared with other akin apps, the utility's setup doesn't come with third-party or ads offers, being smooth and swift. Plus, a desktop icon is provided for quick launch and easily configuration.

If you want to test the screensaver first, you can preview it directly from the Windows Screensaver panel, as well as opt for the default properties. However, if you want to set different parameters, the configuration panel is brought up, by pressing "Settings" button from the Windows Screensaver pane.

It's wrapped in a user-friendly and accessible layout, divided into five separate tabs. The first one lets you pick the display time after each photo, set the items order, and enable the app to run at Windows Startup.

From the position drop-down menu, you can choose the how the images should be displayed, filled, stretched or fitted to the screen. The effects tab comes with a wide variety of choices, such as, slide, blinds, unfold, cross, ellipse or box.

In addition, you can set the transition speed to be smoother or faster. Plus, you have the option to select what gesture actions exit the presentation, like a mouse click and move, ESC or keyboard buttons. From the last tab, you can enable the clock, labels, and clock. It would've been nice if the app provided some options to change the sounds and tweak their volume.

The bottom line is that Big Cats Screensaver is an interactive utility that comes bundled with a wide variety of high-quality images depicting wild cats, like tigers, lions, pumas, and bobcats, to decorate your desktop.